Where and How to Promote Business in Kenya

Marketing is a necessity in the business space. If you don’t properly advertise your products or services, you will most probably have few to no sales at all. Marketing is the heart of all ventures, and it ought to be done correctly.

However, despite the many marketing techniques and strategies available, only a couple can work in a particular market. The Kenyan market is a mixture of both old and new school advertisement patterns. You’d find established firms going in for TV or radio commercials or as simple as putting up a banner, and they’ll generate more sales. However, such means are beyond the reach of startups or businesses that require a different approach.

With that in mind, you should consider the multiple alternatives you have before you opt for a single strategy. Promoting a business involves considering the type of commodity you are selling, your target audience, and your location. This will affect your pricing strategy, production rate, and the growth you’d eventually achieve.

So which are the best ways to promote businesses in Kenya?

SMM Promotion

Social Media is the primary game player in the marketing field. Many businesses are investing on several platforms in a view to get to as many prospects as possible. Some of the advantages of social media marketing are that you can reach out to many potential leads, it increases your brand awareness, you get to enjoy inbound traffic, and it’s cost-effective.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the leading platforms, and they host many users with different views. This approach has several rules, as you can quickly get it wrong if you don’t play your cards right. Ensure that you bring in a social media manager to walk you through the dos and don’ts and introduce their skills to help you get more brand authority.

Upkenya Listing Platform & Marketplace

Upkenya is one of the few websites that help many SMEs find a place to incubate as they work on their growth. This platform allows businesses to add their ventures to the endless list of startups. It helps them find more clients, reach out to many prospects, and network with dependent companies so that they can work together to save costs.

There is a simple procedure to follow, and you’ll be among the market leaders in no time. The site helps you enjoy some benefits as you progressively grow your brand. You have to add your business and get started from small vendors in the local markets to those who offer remote services.

Google Ads

Google Ads is another common and effective way of marketing. You’ve probably bumped into some ads as you are navigating some web pages. Some might be of something you showed interest in, while others might be new.

Google Ads are pretty effective as they focus on a particular target audience as “a simple reminder” of things they have been looking for. Companies pay to have their ads posted on the web, and intention, they get customers from users who showed interest in their products.

There are different approaches to this kind of marketing. You can subscribe to the pay-per-click option or opt for a subscription that makes the general improvements. So whether you are a beer brand or some building company, you only need to get the ads circling to land more sales.

Through an Digital Company in Kenya

IT experts are the go-to solution for your marketing needs. These pros have a good command of data on what works and what doesn’t. They can customize a solution that will help you promote your business covering all the current weaknesses you experience.

They work on your website and systems and highlight customers’ demands, and takes through reviews and feedback. Digital experts bring in a whole new force that drives you through to the next level in your business. We recommend turning to BlueGlass international digital company, which has many years of experience in developing complex digital solutions, and also has experience on the African continent.

Public Online Campaigns

Have you ever had a business inviting its customers to a live conference or open discussion on particular topics? These campaigns, which can vary from company to company, creates room for customers to interact with the staff and express what they want. On the other hand, businesses get to learn more and network with potential leads invited to the campaigns.

Some businesses also prefer things such as sales and offer to attract more customers on board. It is an intelligent way to get more clients on board as you also learn from their feedback. Some such as schools drive through the streets as they tell of their excellence and packages offered.

Traditional Marketing

Sometimes, it comes down to who knows who? Referrals or often known as traditional marketing, are something that works so well in Kenya. If you effectively deliver from your end, your business is in a position to get more clients. Customers pass your excellent performance on to their friends and family and recommend you to them.

Banners and Posters

Although it’s old-fashioned, you’d be surprised how well these tools serve the users. Banners are often popular on significant highways as there is a higher possibility of spotting more prospects. They usually have a direct message, but it is presented excitingly and uniquely to be catchy enough for by-passers.

Many marketing approaches promote your business, but only a few are good enough for many companies. Consult with a marketing expert before investing in a strategy to avoid any losses.