Qwetu Hostels Prices and Locations

Qwetu Hostels are the most popular hostels in the country. They are renowned for their multiple benefits, their nature, and the services that they provide. We would directly dive into the prices and locations of Qwetu Hostels but let’s first learn a couple of things about these places.

What are Qwetu Hostels?

Several unique features characterize these hostels, and they include

General Information

Qwetu student residents in the leading network of Kenyan purpose-built student accommodation. They are multiple branches in different places and offer all that a student would need for decent living and learning. They are professionally run and technically driven student accommodations within Nairobi City. It addresses all the aspirations, needs, and comfort that students require.

Any university student in an ongoing session and free from any legal offenses in the country are welcomed in Qwetu Hostels. The accommodations allow you to live with a friend, and there is no curfew put in place for the residents. All branches are safe for the student with 24-hour surveillance systems, 27/4 safety and security team, and fire alarm systems in place. You can schedule a tour of the facilities before joining to know what to expect.


A Qwetu room is detailed with different features such as

  • A double bed divan with a mattress
  • A desk with a chair
  • Cable Free-to-Air
  • Water
  • A microwave
  • A wardrobe
  • A pair of curtains with sheers
  • Free WI-FI
  • A modern kitchenette fitted with an induction cooker
  • A 7CUFT refrigerator

The other facilities in the buildings include a gym, terraces with great views, social lounges, and laundry services. There are no meal plans for these student accommodations. However, there is a minimart, financial services outlet, pharmacy, and fast food restaurant on every building. These places have the best offers compared to the local markets around.


You require a national ID, a recent photocopy, and a completed booking form to complete your reservation. You have to pay for a deposit to reserve a room, and the team will provide all the other check-in details. After booking, you will be included in the waiting list of the persons wanting a room.


Qwetu Hostels provide transport services on the Jogoo Road and Ruaraka branches to take students to their respective universities.

Prices and Locations

It is important to note that buildings in different locations offer various room types, value-added services, and facility packages. The various buildings are located in Jogoo Road, Ruaraka, Strathmore, and Parklands. There are three types of rooms at Qwetu Hostels. They include

  • Single room – hosts only one student and charges are Ksh 24 000
  • Double room – host two students and each pays Ksh 18 000
  • Premium room – hosts a single or two students, and the room costs Ksh 32 000

All these charges are per month, although they are subject to change. It is essential to contact the management in case of any changes.