The Abasuba Community Peace Museum

The Abasuba Community Peace Museum was founded in 2000, is located in Ramba, Waware, Suba North District, Homa Bay County, Kenya

The Abasuba community Peace museum has seven working staffs and over twenty indirect working staff within the rock art sites. The museum is also a research centre for students, doctors and professors and other related intellectuals wishing to study archaeological sites of the Lake Victoria region.

Rock art heritage has posed special challenges in attracting attention and visitors. These include inaccessible and unrecorded sites, little research or information and lack of protection against vandalism, and uncontrolled tourism. Managed tourism in the Suba District has the potential to create jobs and have a positive impact on the local economy. This helps to improve the pride and unique heritage found at the area.

In 2007, TARA received a grant from the Kenyan Tourism Trust Fund (TTF) to increase awareness of rock art, to promote rock art for tourism and to conserve and develop sites in a way that will lead to improving the quality of life in Suba District. To achieve this, training, improved infrastructures which includes a new museum and community centre and sustained, creative marketing are carried out. The design for the new museum was done by Phillip Okello of Urban Design Associates from Nairobi. The project is managed by Gloria Borona, a project officer at TARA.

Ramba, Mfangano Island, Kenya, Homa Bay County



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