Nairobi Snake Park

The Nairobi Snake Park, located on Museum Hill at the National Museum of Kenya, was founded in January 1961. A research facility and popular attraction, the snake park exists to educate visitors on the importance of snakes in our ecosystems and the potential dangers of snakebite, and how to avoid them.

Surrounded by the botanical garden, the snake park is open to visitors of all ages. In addition to our selection of over 20 different snake species, we have an aquarium and crocodiles, among other reptiles and amphibians.

The snake park also acts as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for reptiles (abandoned, confiscated, illegal collection).

Come visit us and enjoy interactive sessions with harmless reptiles and amphibians, feeding of crocodiles among other fun activities.

The entry fee for Kenyan citizens is 150 ksh per child and 300 ksh per adult, this is a combined National Museum and Snake Park entry fee.

Museum Hill, Nairobi City, Kenya, Nairobi County



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Coordinates: -1.2729109, 36.8137876
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