What to Expect When the Sun Goes Down in The City

Kenya is a nation with multiple tourist attractions and boasts of the diversity it offers. Innovation and entrepreneurship have caused people to work tirelessly to make a living. In the major cities, you’ll find people waking up early to head out and hustle while others are headed home from their night shifts. The cities are always busy as people are looking to make ends meet. However, what should you expect when the sun goes down in Nairobi and Mombasa?

What to Expect When the Sun Goes Down in The City / Source: vegnews.com

Nightlife in the Country

The standard norm is that people should wake up in the morning, grab their cup of coffee, and head to the office or workshop. However, some people, such as security officers, are headed back to their homes from workstations at these particular hours. The days here are often bright with the sun shining and the sky so clear, everything looking so good. Did you know that the sky is actually purple?

So darkness comes in from around 6 o’clock when the sun is fully setting, and the moon rises to take its turn. Multiple security lights, building lights, front and rear car lights, screen lights, and motorbike lights are basically all that gloom the night to help the moon give people vision. Some offices have already closed at these particular hours if no one is staying behind to work on a pending project. On the other hand, other businesses are opening up with others at their peak of sales, all busy.

Nairobi Nightlife

The capital city hosts several government offices, but they are secluded on the upper side of the CBD. As for the rest of the city center, there are usually many activities to follow up on during the night. Some of the things that the Nairobi nightlife is associated with include

  1. Traffic at multiple eat-out restaurants – numerous restaurants, especially those that offer french fries, fried or grilled chicken, pizza, burgers, smoothies, etc., receive many clients late in the evening. Some people prefer to get their meal from such stores to save them from having to prepare a meal after a long day.
  2. Loud music from clubs – several clubs around the CBD are standing outside; especially if your favorite song is playing, you’ll be convinced to go in for a drink. People prefer to shake off the day’s frustrations with a little bit of drinking and dancing.
  3. Vendors on the streets – late hours allow some small-scale vendors to sell their goods on the streets. They have varieties from clothes, shoes, kitchen accessories, books, accessories, etc., and they charge at a lower rate.
  4. Matatus – Nairobi is known for the well-designed matatu full of color, graffiti, and lighting. They also have unique hoots, and they play good music as you ride back home.

Mombasa Nightlife

Down at the coast, the nightlife experience does not differ significantly from how things are in the capital. Pretty much the same activities with a different vibe and some additional as well. Some of the Mombasa nightlife events are

  1. Beach evacuation – when the sun is setting, people begin to be evacuated from the beaches since no swimming is allowed at night.
  2. Ferry traffic – now that the floating bridge is done, it’s not a thing anymore, but people used to pile up at the ferry boarding station as they seek to cross on the other side of the lower coast.
  3. Street vendors – contrary to what the capital street vendors sell, street vendors in Mombasa sell coast dishes and snacks in the streets.
  4. Clubs – a blend of bongo music and other genres will be audible from multiple city clubs.


Many nightlife activities are rendered illegal because theft is regarded as a night thing. However, there is so much to enjoy at night, especially if you enjoy shopping or getting a few drinks with your colleagues after striking a deal. City nightlife offers several opportunities that ensure some families don’t sleep on empty stomachs. There is so much to explore and involve yourself in nightlife events and entertainment.

Have you been to Nairobi or Mombasa during late hours? What were you up to?