Unforgettable Kenya Safari Holidays

There are many reasons to visit Kenya, and among the most exciting is going on a Safari. Kenya is famous for its hospitable people, breathtaking landscapes, the fascinating wildlife and notably the conservation efforts being made by governmental, non-governmental organisations and citizens to preserve some of Kenya’s precious endangered species. The critically endangered black rhino and the northern white rhino are some of the species which-had it not been for the efforts of the government-would have gone extinct. 

But what does a Kenya Safari Holiday really entail and how is the best way to go about ensuring you have the most incredible time, as well getting the most value for your hard earned cash. We, at Upkenya, have made a pact to give you the most useful information but even more exciting, to curate luxury tour packages that will not only assure you of the best memories, but also delve deep into the sensitive yet important topic of conservation. 

It is vital that while we pursue pleasure and luxurious fun experiences on your Kenya Safari Holiday, to remember that our planet faces critical challenges to its survival.  One of our main goals as Upkenya is to always factor in the empowerment of the people working tirelessly to ensure that we conserve our precious mother planet for future generations. The last thing anybody wants is to lose the wild and fascinating creatures that only want to share our planet and its resources with us. 

Some of the things to remember when thinking about a Kenya Safari Holiday, 

  • Do your research well and plan as you go along, more than just planning financially, it is good to also look into;
  • Just how far your money will go in terms of not just the spending on luxuries but how it will contribute to the higher good of the people where you are going, and finally; 
  • Always remember to be conscious and sensitive to the cultures, norms and needs of your intended destination, (we cannot stress how important it is to do your research properly before embarking on your Kenya Safari Holiday.)
Kenya is home to more than just the wonderful people, it is also a wonderland of nature and breath-taking landscapes

Your Kenya Safari Holiday will begin the moment you land in the bustling capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. Here, you will be immersed into the culture of the people behind this great nation. Expect to experience a highly westernized, diverse and cosmopolitan society, living in the very midst of a highly tech-sazzy and post-modern Africa. The hospitality and warm, welcoming nature of the people will make you feel right at home. 

This exciting adventure in your Kenya Safari Holiday will most likely next lead you to the Maasai Mara or one of the other fifty three national parks and wildlife reserves in Kenya. Here you will appreciate the fervent efforts being made by governmental, non-governmental organisations and local communities to preserve the otherwise vulnerable and endangered species of Wildlife. 

Your Kenya Safari Holiday will no doubt ascend from highlight to highlight, as you arrive at the coast of Kenya, where you will be met by white white sandy beaches, year-round warm, turquoise waters and the intriguing culture of the Coastal people of Kenya. 

The name Kenya goes hand-in-hand with the word, ‘runners’ and ‘marathon’ record holders and depending on your desires, your Kenya Safari Holiday could lead to experiencing the realities of training with the world’s leading long distance runners. The high-altitude environs and the lush green, serene landscapes will only add to make your experience extra-special. 

No matter when you choose to go on your Africa Safari Holiday, you can be assured of not only a great time, but you should also be ready for some of the most remarkable memories of your lifetime.