Top 5 Best Clubs in Mombasa

Not everyone gets it. But for some of us, travel is best expressed through celebration. We prefer to exchange culture over the clinking of glasses and between the flashes of strobe lights.Conversations punctuated by “Prost!” and “Salud!” show us more than any guidebook. Mombasa is famous for its beaches, world-class beach resorts, and it’s historical significance. It is the most popular tourist destination in Kenya and is the second largest city in Kenya.Thanks to its legacy as the largest port in East Africa, Mombasa is a cultural melting pot. British, Asian, Arabic, Omanis, Indian, and Chinese, however night life has rapidly increased making Mombasa more popular to both local and International tourists.

Each county is judged on four criteria, each given a score from one-to-10:

1. Hours. How late each night and how many nights per week is the party good?

2. People. Is it a good crowd — cosmopolitan, friendly and, yes, good looking?

3. Music. Judged on quality and variety offered in each county.

4. Experience. How likely you are to have an experience that you’ll still be telling your friends about a decade from now.

As upkenya. we have finally managed to narrow it down to Top 5 best clubs in Mombasa, and we are confident in the end results.


Top 5 best clubs in mombasa
Top 5 best clubs in mombasa (credits Tapas Cielo)

Tapas Cielo sets new standards with its tasteful interior design and you’d be right to expect food and drinks to match. Their comprehensive range of cocktails and extensive menu appeals to the most sophisticated tastes. Relax in the comfort of the bar lounge, where you can watch their chefs preparing their signature tapas dishes in the open kitchen. The atmosphere is chilled and relaxed. The modern decor is slate grey, stone and chrome, enhanced by cool blue lighting and with a zap of energetic red around the bar itself.

Mint Lounge

Top 5 best clubs in mombasa
Top 5 best clubs in mombasa (credits Mint Lounge)

Mint Lounge is an entertainment spot located in Bamburi Petrocity, Mombasa. The most intriguing us is the interior setup guaranteed to wow even the staunchest critic.

Moon Shine Beach Bar

top 5 best clubs in mombasa (credits Moonshine)

Moonshine Beach Bar is right by the beach, the waves hit the walls at high tide. It’s an open bar, not in the sense of ‘open tab’ but with no windows or doors. The breeze from the ocean blows right through the bar tables, you’ll see a few guys going after their receipts as they are blown every now and then. The Bar’s view is strategic such that you can see the ships float into & out of Mombasa, fishermen sailing away or back and the watersports guys(mostly kite-surfers and jet skis) doing their thing over the waves. Reef Hotel actually has a Kite-surfing team next to the bar incase you are a licensed surfer or if you’d love to be trained(at a fee of course).

Mombasa Sports club

top 5 best clubs in mombasa
Top 5 best clubs in mombasa (credits mombasa sports club)

Formed in 1896, Mombasa Sports Club is the major venue outside Nairobi and one whose attempts to be recognised as suitable ground for List A matches were thwarted for some time by it being too narrow – by a couple of feet. That has now been overcome and MSC, which has hosted tour matches, was accorded ODI status in August 2006. It will be a rarity in that a large mango tree a few feet inside the boundary. Like many clubs in Kenya, the ground itself is home to a variety of sports including rugby, football, hockey, bowls, snooker, basketball, and most recently it has hosted Davis Cup tennis. The distinctive pavilion dominates one side of the ground with trees at either end. Situated in the beating heart of Marina Area, Mombasa is a smooth, sports and Drinking Bar that offers guests a breathless location to sit back and unwind with their favourite cocktail before dabbling into a dose of drinking and dancing. Reservations.

B2 garden restaurant and pub

top 5 best clubs in mombasa (credits (B2 garden)

B2 Garden Restaurant and Pub is located at the heart of Mtwapa off Moorings Road. The social and cultural values of open space  include attitudes towards nature and the desire for contact with it; contemporary understandings of ecology offer new insights into ways to serve both human needs and the broader ecological framework. B2 Garden is known for its urban open structures that help you unwind after a long day, as you drink your favourite beer.