The List and Acknowledgment: Kenya’s Best Restaurants and Hotels

Everyone wishes to get the satisfaction of enjoying a great meal with a spouse, friends, or workmates. The country offers many restaurants that serve the best meals, accompanied by excellent customer service. So where should you next go for your next date or business meeting?

The List and Acknowledgment: Kenya’s Best Restaurants and Hotels / Source:

The Kenyan Hotel Vibe

The Kenyan hotels pick up both the traditional and modern touch of the setting. The modern aspect is represented by the setups, the décor, the presentation of meals, the type of music played, and the systems put in place. Nevertheless, there is still that bit of tradition and culture displayed by the foods served. With so much to explore and choose from, where should you go for a quick lunch date?

The Significance of Restaurants in Kenya

Restaurants play an essential role in the country as they contribute to several things which build us as a nation moving forward. Some of the significant roles include

⦁ The government earn revenue from taxes paid by hotels and restaurant
⦁ The restaurants provide quick meal solutions to folks with busy schedules
⦁ Hotels professionally display the traditional meals that reflect our culture
⦁ The structures and setups serve as part of growth and development, thus positively impacting the economy
⦁ Restaurants and hotels provide employment opportunities to the large number of graduates looking for a source of income

Kenya’s Best Restaurants and Hotels

It’s the location, the atmosphere, the foods, the services, the workers there, and the brands that make up a good restaurant. Kenya is home to many excellent restaurants that you can stop by and have a fantastic time and finger-licking meals. Some of the best and unique restaurants include

⦁ Talisman along Ngong Rd, Nairobi.
⦁ Artcaffe Karen
⦁ The Arbor along 904 James Gicheru Rd, Nairobi.
⦁ Mama Ashanti at Muthangari Gardens Road, Nairobi
⦁ Abyssinia at Muguga Green, Nairobi
⦁ Le Palanca along James Gichuru Rd, Nairobi
⦁ Roadhouse Grill along Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi
⦁ About Thyme along Peponi Rd, Nairobi
⦁ Mama Rocks at The Alchemist Bar along Parklands Rd, Nairobi
⦁ Burger Hut along Mpaka Road, Westlands, Nairobi
⦁ Lucca, Villa Rosa Kempinski at Westlands, Nairobi
⦁ Wasp & Sprout in Loresho, Nairobi
⦁ Brew Bistro & Lounge at Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd
⦁ J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen – Westlands
⦁ Mama Oliech Restaurant along Marcus Garvey Rd
⦁ Le Grenier à Pain
⦁ Tamarind Dhow
⦁ Furusato Japanese Restaurant at Ring Road Rajmuk Apartments
⦁ Tin Roof Cafe at Cannon House, Nairobi
⦁ Trout Tree Restaurant, Nanyuki
⦁ La Marina Restaurant, Mtwapa, Mombasa
⦁ Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Diani Beach
⦁ Fogo Gaucho along Waiyaki Way, Nairobi
⦁ The River Cafe at Karura Forest
⦁ Urban Eatery, Ground Floor PWC, Delta Towers, Westlands, 69671 – 00400, Nairobi
⦁ Chowpaty Restaurant, Ground Floor and 1st Floor, Diamond Plaza, 4th Parklands Avenue, Parklands, Nairobi
⦁ Yuls Restaurant, Malindi Rd, Mombasa
⦁ Moorings Floating Restaurant, Mtwapa, Mombasa

The List and Acknowledgment: Kenya’s Best Restaurants and Hotels / Source:

How to Choose the Best Restaurants

Some setups qualify as the best restaurants, but you need to know how to choose the right one. Some of the things that you should put into consideration include

⦁ Location. Do you want a place that is far from the city? Maybe one that is close to your workplace? Do you fancy those in malls where you can quickly get a bite after swimming or shopping? The location will be a top consideration.
⦁ Menu. What kinds of foods do they offer? How are their combinations? What is their signature dish? The menu defines where you will go because before walking in, and some people already know what they want to be served.
⦁ Prices. Are they affordable? Do they have offers on particular meals? Prices matter for those who are on a budget because they have to plan themselves.
⦁ Spacing. How comfortable can you sit in the restaurant? Is it too busy or crowded? Is the setup conducive and appealing to you?
⦁ Services. Do the workers respond quickly? Is food served in good time? How do they present their meals? How is their cleanliness level? Service delivery is crucial in a restaurant.


It gives you reasonable satisfaction to visit just the right restaurant that provides the services you want and serves the foods you prefer. You often find that people are loyal to particular restaurants simply because they enjoy their time there. So it is essential to ensure that you always pick the right spot for you.

How many restaurants have you been to in the country? Which one tops the list of service delivery? How was their food?