The Best Pastries Schools in Kenya

Have you ever had a desire to bake or a passion for the art of pastries? Probably thought about running a cake shop in the city? Are you enthralled by how cakes’ delectable flavors and decorations are created? Attaining the best skills from the top schools is the best you can do. However, finding the right schools prove to be challenging if you don’t have the proper knowledge. It hikes your chances of getting a job in the best cake shops.

Kenya’s Best Baking and Pastry Schools

Kenya has several schools that offer the best pastry schools around. These schools have specialized courses that can equip you with the best baking skills for the international job market. These schools include

Boma International Hospitality College

The boma international hospitality college is a world-class institution that provides hospitality training. Some of the courses offered by BIHC include

  • Course in international cookery
  • Course in pastry and bakery
  • Executive Certificate in event management

Enrolling in the school with allow you to gain skills in baking different types of bread and handling different varieties of pastries.

Amari Baking Center

Amari baking center is a cake school based in Nairobi, Kenya, that offers practical cake decoration classes. The classes are economical and can also be attended online at home. If you’re not able to participate in physical lessons, you can also join the online courses. Short courses are available at the baking center, allowing students to learn a lot in a short period.

If you want to pursue your passion for baking, you can take courses such as

  • Basic cake making and decoration
  • Advanced cake making and decoration
  • One-day beginner yeast pastry class
  • Intermediate cake making and decoration
  • One day local pastries class

Valentine Cake House

Valentine Cake House is one of the famous cake shops in Nairobi, with branches throughout the country. The cake shop bakes a variety of cakes, and they are pretty affordable. The school offers comprehensive short courses including:

  • Bread and bread products.
  • Basic cake making and decoration.
  • Advanced cake making and decoration.
  • Intermediate cake making and decoration.
  • Basic cake decoration.
  • African theme cakes.

You will receive a certification after completing the course. The fee varies per program. The school has contact information and location mentioned on its website.

Kenya Utalii College

Kenya Utalii College has been around for more than a decade, provides national and international hospitality courses. It produces some of the top bakers and outstanding pastry courses for students. The school focuses on courses like:

  • Food and beverage cost control
  • Pastry and bakery Art 1
  • Bachelor in hospitality and arts management.
  • Certificate in food production.
  • Certificate in food and beverage sales and services.

Taking your pastry classes is the best thing to do if you want to develop into a pro baker. Going to the right school will ensure that you get the best skills and make the best of the practicals. You also enjoy the work opportunities presented by the institutions to help you properly transition to the job market. You can also choose to opt for good accommodation around you for the best services.