The Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi

You might be surprised to learn that many people are dependent on coffee for several reasons. Some prefer to pick their usual order before getting to the office, while for others, it suits them best when they are working on a project overnight. So, where can you get the best coffee in Nairobi?

The Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi

Benefits of Coffee

There are many reasons you should be keying in ‘coffee shops near me on your search engine. Coffee is a signature drink to many people, and that’s because it is packed with benefits to the consumer. Some of the proven coffee benefits include

  1. Coffee improves your energy levels
  2. It can make you smarter
  3. It helps in burning fats
  4. Improves your concentration levels
  5. Coffee can drastically improve your physical performance
  6. It contains essential nutrients, e.g., Vitamin B2, B5, B3, manganese, and potassium
  7. A cup of coffee can lower your risks of Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson’s
  8. May protect you from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
  9. May protect your liver and reduce the risk of any cancers
  10. It gives you a good mood
  11. It can fight depression
  12. It doesn’t cause heart disease

Different Types of Coffee

You have to be specific when you are ordering, or you might be disappointed by what you’ll find in your coffee mug. For those who have coffee makers, they’ll tell you more on how to preserve coffee beans and alike. However, that’s not our lesson today. So the different types of coffee include

  1. Cappuccino
  2. Flat white
  3. Cortado
  4. Caffe mocha
  5. Latte
  6. Caffe macchiato
  7. Iced coffee
  8. Coffea arabica
  9. Robusta coffee
  10. Black coffee
  11. Espresso
  12. Caffe crema
  13. Long black coffee
The Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi

Authentic Coffee Shops in Nairobi

There are different sports that you can enjoy good coffee with nearby. There are various coffee brands served in these shops, so it depends on your particular taste. Some of the excellent coffee shops in the capital include

  1. Artcaffe
  2. Urban Grind Coffee and Grill
  3. The Bronze Roof Cafe
  4. Nairobi Java House
  5. Kaldis Coffee House
  6. Gibson’s Coffee House
  7. The Mug
  8. Pete’s Cafe & Burrito Haven
  9. Jade Coffee & Tea House
  10. Four Cafe Bistro
  11. Kulan Cafe
  12. Tin Roof Cafe
  13. Matbronze Cafe
  14. Connect Cafe
  15. Caffe Dully Coffee Shop
  16. Urban Coffee Capital Centre
  17. Kesh Kesh Roasters & Cafe
  18. PM Coffee
  19. The Clarion Coffee Shop


Coffee is a favorite drink for many people, and it is best enjoyed in a particular way that you individually like. You should also enjoy coffee with the snacks that best fit your taste to make the drink more appealing. If you want to enjoy a good cup of coffee, know your taste, head out to the nearest coffee shop, and take it while it’s still hot.

Do you like coffee? Why do you take coffee? Which is your favorite coffee shop?