Takeout Coffee Nearby!

Cold weather like the one we are having right now – calls for coffee! An active meeting session in the morning – calls for coffee! Pending work assignments that will last you the entire night – calls for coffee! Coffee makes life a little bit simpler. So, where can you get your daily cup of coffee?

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We cannot deny that there are many coffee shops in Nairobi CBD. But are they all as accessible? Further, still, do they serve your favorite cup of espresso? Do they put enough cream into your cappuccino? Do they have single shot or double shot options? Do they prepare coffee the way you best like it?
Let’s leave that aside for a moment and consider a more pressing issue. Can you leave your class or work session, hustle spot, or queue in the bank to rush for a cup? I know I wouldn’t! But let’s be honest – you still need that cup to keep you awake and alert, right? Then try Upkenya for the best takeout coffee nearby!
So why is coffee such an essential drink in many people’s lives? By drinking a cup, you stand to enjoy benefits such

• Coffee can make you smarter and increase your energy levels
• Coffee helps in burning fat
• A cup can dramatically improve your physical performance
• Quality coffee contains essential nutrients
• Coffee is a good source of antioxidants
• A cup helps improve your concentration levels
• Coffee will give you long life as it prevents diabetes, coronary heart diseases, and kidney diseases.
• Coffee reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and Parkinson disease
• Coffee helps with good sugar processing in the body
• A cup protects your liver and stronger
• Coffee reduces the risk of getting colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

Coffee shop in Nairobi

Takeout Coffee Joints Nearby

As evident as it is, coffee is an essential daily drink. Our main aim is to get you a cup (faster and affordable). You can get your takeout coffee from any of our cafes listed on the website to enjoy the benefits that the drink offers. The top listed restaurants include

  1. Jibs Cafe Bistro (Kenyatta Highway P.O Box 24, Nanyuki Town, Nanyuki Municipality 10400 Kenya)
  2. Connect Coffee Roasters (Connect Coffee Roasters, Nairobi, Kenya)
  3. Coffee Casa (Coffee Casa, Third Parklands Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya)
  4. Sisima Coffee (Spikes Center Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru 00200 Kenya)
  5. Moca Loca Coffee & Lounge (Kenyatta Avenue & Club Rd, Nakuru 20100 Kenya)
  6. The Coffee Shack (Kenyatta Avenue, Nanyuki Town, Nanyuki Municipality 10400 Kenya)
  7. Sahara Coffee House (Narok Maai Road, Narok 20500 Kenya)
  8. Narok Coffee House (Narpk, Kenya)
  9. Cafesserie Mombasa (Mombasa Malindi Road Nakumatt Nyali, Mombasa 80100 Kenya)
  10. Java House West End Mall, Kisumu (Achieng’ Oneko Rd, Kisumu, Kenya)
  11. Kokkos Cafe Bistro (Diani Beach Road Costa Sur Complex, Diani Beach, Ukunda 80401 Kenya)
  12. Kulan Cafe (Kaunda Street 1st floor Jubilee Exchange Building, Nairobi 00100 Kenya)

It’s a coffee a day to keep yourself awake! Still, wondering where to get your daily cup from? There are those cafes and much more on our website that will guarantee you good quality coffee. All you have to do is choose the right one near your location, and you’ll be good to go!