Some Amazing Places in Kenya Where You Can Enjoy Like a Kenyan

Kenya is undoubtedly Africa’s one of the most beautiful destination because of its great diversity, both culturally and physically. That said, the following are the enjoyable places in Kenya where you can enjoy like a Kenyan.

The Chalbi Desert and Turkana

Visit Turkana and the Chalbi Desert, that is to say if you are looking to experience things in their rawest form.

Lake Turkana is the world’s biggest desert lake and is a place of so many great cultures. Bird watching and scenery are two of the best attractions of Lake Turkana.

Lake Nakuru 

Being a place of living for a variety of bird species, especially flamingos, Lake Nakuru is a place where you would want to go. Nakuru is amongst the rift valley lakes.

Along with spotting cormorants, pelicans, Goliath heron, the African fish eagle, hammerkops and Verreaux’s eagle, you can also spot Rothschild’s giraffes, white and black rhinos, cheetahs and lions in the entire Lake Nakuru National Park.

Rusinga Island Lodge

Rusinga Island Lodge of the Rusinga Island is the most beautiful part of this island. If we talk about beauty, service and serenity, Rusinga Island Lodge can rival any resort of Kenya.

Rusinga Island Lodge is not normally packed with tourists, and this thing allows you to enjoy it like a Kenyan without any fuss. 

Ole Pelos

In Kajiado County, Ole Pelos is a secluded area and is a place where many Kenyans like to go when the weekend arrives.

The roasted meat that Ole Pelos serves is popular around Kenya. The other attraction of Ole Pelos is its beautiful scenery.

Masaai Lodge in Rongai

Residing in Kajiado County, Masaai Lodge is considered one of the best lodges in the world by many. The best part of going to Masaai Lodge is that you will get a beautiful view of National Nairobi Park on your way.

It is such a beautiful and well-decorated place that once you reach there, you will want to stay there for a while.

Mount Kenya

The largest mountain in Kenya and second highest in all of Africa, Mount Kenya is one of the most alluring locations to visit in Kenya.

If you don’t mind a little climbing, then this is a fantastic place for you. There are also lodges for people who don’t have the wish to do a little climbing. 

Rolf’s Place

While the talk is about the best places to visit in Kenya, we can’t just leave out Rolf’s Place.

Rolf’s Place is built on the side of a cliff and is accessible by walking through a roped bridge. The service of Rolf is flawless, and the menu includes local and international dishes.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach is a short flight from Nairobi and is one of the most picturesque shores in Africa.

This beach is backed by verdant forests and its white sand is enveloped by the Indian Ocean, giving you all the reasons to have a walk there.

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