With breathtaking views of Mt Kenya in the west, and the rolling Aberdare ranges in the east, The Nelion offers 10 uniquely designed and luxurious cottages set on well- manicured lawns amid natural African veldt bush. This interspersing of bush with landscaped lawns makes for an enchanting eyeful! You will feel Africa. It’s a feeling not a place, remember! Located on the Nyeri-Nanyuki road, in the vicinity of the small, dusty and enchanting Naromoru town, this private facility sits off the beaten track just 200 metres off the highway on an all weather road. The facility sits on part of what as once a colonial farmer’s (Mac Reddy) wheat plantation in colonial Kenya. The lodge is largely built using recovered and recycled materials always making sure to maintain the African theme

Mureru Burguret Road off Nyeri-Nanyuki Road, Nyeri 10100 Kenya, Naro Moru, Nyeri County



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Coordinates: -0.1475251, 37.02715
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