Stedmak Gardens- KAREN

A hidden gem at the heart of Karen, Nairobi. The perfect venue for creating memorable events, casual or formal, small or large.
We, at Stedmak Gardens-Karen, pride ourselves as a standout location offering a variety of attractions and services including;
•One of a kind floating restaurants
•World class conferencing centre capabilities
•Lush beautiful grounds perfect for weddings,birthdays and other events
•Diverse wildlife and birdlife in our animal sanctuary
. A new snake park which provides various activities with some of the most dangerous snakes in the world.
•A world class amusement park full of exciting and engaging park rides
•Stellar bar and restaurants with impeccable service
•Perfect accommodation with beautiful rooms and amenities
Make a plan to visit us and enjoy yourself.
Located in Karen just after Galleria Mall

Stedmak Gardens And Recreation Centre, Mokoyeti Road East, Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi County

Open 24h


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Coordinates: -1.3354998, 36.7569548
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