The restaurant is located in Sikh Union Club which is also Lochab Academy opposite the Aga Khan nursery.There is ample secure parking and one enters the club house and the entrance is directly ahead.
There is a bar waiting area to the right with some high stools and couches and a large screen to keep one occupied.
The dinning room is a large open space with ample seating.They also have bandas at the back for the popular koroga culture in kenya.The menu is predominantly Indian but also has a variety of continental and chinese items.We ordered some lamb,chicken and some wings to start with.The food was piping hot which is always a good sign and tasted delicious.The nans that came with the mains were soft and buttery and ideal to scoop up the tasty curry.The salad helped cool the heat of the spicy food we had ordered.The chef can make the food to your liking which was really helpful to some of our group.Dinner was topped off with some icecream which could just about fit.The prices are below the normal Nairobi prices so definitely a good bargain.

Uhuru St, Eldoret Kenya, Uasin Gishu County



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Coordinates: 0.5188435, 35.263357
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