Ngare Ndare Forest Park

Ngare Ndare is Maa for “goats water”. Ngare Ndare is a gazetted forest used to promote peace and co-existence among the different communities in the area – the Meru, Maasai, Borana and Kikuyu. The forest is maintained primarily by the local communities as the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust, under the supervision of Kenya Forest Service(KFS).

Ngare Ndare forest has several attractions which can be of interest to visitors of diverse interests. First, being an extension of the Mt. Kenya forest it has a variety of indigenous plants, some of which have herbal remedies. The dominant tree species are the Juniperus procera and Olea africana. Second, the forest is also a migratory corridor for elephants and other wild animals to and from Mt. Kenya and the Northern Rangelands. Third, it is also favoured as a sanctuary by animals such as the elephant, rhino and buffalo, where they reside to give birth, nurse their injuries, recuperate or die.  It is home to several other wild animals, bird and insect species.

Ngare Ndare forest has numerous beautiful and tranquil physical features such as sun downer sites, permanent springs, water falls, rapids and rock outcrops. The Ngare Ndare Forest Trust uses these spots for activities such as picnics, swimming, diving and rock climbing.

The group is well-known for its maintenance of a 500m-long canopy walkway situated in the middle of the forest, where visitors can view wildlife below.

Ngare Ndare Forest Park, Meru, Kenya, Meru County



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Coordinates: 0.1740831, 37.3342131
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