Mida Creek

Mida Creek is a tidal inlet that expands across an area of 32 km2. It comprises different types of habitats that are influenced by the tide, for example mud and sand flats, open shallow waters and mangrove forests.

In fact Mida Creek is one of the most productive mangrove ecosystems in the world. For good reason, Mida Creek is a recognized International Bird Area and together with Arabuko-Sokoke Forest forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is not only a paradise for national waterfowls, but also migrating birds from Europe and Eurasia find a place to rest during their journey or they choose to stay at Mida Creek to over-winter.

The open areas of the Creek and its mangrove channels are important feeding and breeding grounds for many species of fish species including Jacks, Snappers, Groupers, Rabbit Fish, Parrotfish, Emperors, and Barracuda.

Watamu Marine National Park, Watamu Kenya, North, Kilifi County



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Coordinates: -3.366038, 39.950421
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