Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria was named after Queen Victoria. The lake is the worlds largest tropical lake, worlds second largest fresh lake, and largest in Africa.

The lake has gone through major changes in biodiversity, and has been the site of the most development and conservation projects, both failures and successes, of all the African Great Lakes. Lake Victoria was formed about 400,000 years ago, and lies 1,134 m above sea level. It has a surface area of 68,800 km2, an average depth of 40 m, a maximum depth of 80 m, a volume of 2,760 km3, and a basin area of 195,000 km2, which extends to Rwanda and Burundi. The shoreline is shared by Kenya (6%), Uganda (43%), and Tanzania (51%). The Kagera, Katonga, Sio, Yala, Nyando, Sondu Miriu, and Mara rivers feed the lake and the River Nile carries water out of the lake.

Lake Victoria, Kenya

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Coordinates: -0.7557754, 33.438353
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