Kez Organics products add mouth watering flavor to any meal.
The flakes, pickles and sauces can be used during the cooking process or as an add on as they come ready to eat with any meal from breakfast to dinner!
The marinade is best used to marinate white meat, red meat and seafood. Marination is best done over night in a fridge or a few hours before grilling or baking in vacuum sealed bags or airtight containers to pack in the flavor.
The Chilli Oil can be used in salads, dipping sauces, fish dishes and seafood. The old can also be used as a baste when grilling meats and vegetables.
All or products are ORGANIC. NO chemicals. NO preservatives.

Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi County

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Coordinates: -1.2920659, 36.8219462
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