Awash Ethiopian Restaurant Nairobi

Enjoy the delicious Ethiopian traditional dishes at Awash Ethiopian Restaurant in Nairobi. They serve tasty Ethiopian food made fresh with quality ingredients.

Is there any Ethiopian restaurant in Nairobi?
Yes, there is Awash Ethiopian restaurant Nairobi, which serves traditional Ethiopian delicacies made with authentic flavors and quality ingredients.

What is the range of the delicacies served at the Ethiopian restaurant?
The range of any food item or the authentic delicacies that are served is quite pocket-friendly. The food is served with great quality, and the restaurant owners want to make people feel at home.

Are there any rental homes available for the visitors?
Yes, there are rental homes provided by the restaurant to travelers. They can book a budget-friendly room or luxury rooms according to the visitor’s interest.

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi County

10:00 - 22:00


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Coordinates: -1.303983, 36.8008602
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