Africa Safaris Adventure

Africa Safaris Adventure is a award winning tours and travel company, specializing in tailor-made adventure safaris to East Africa countries ( Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda), Zanzibar, Botswana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and beyond. In addition to planning a once in a life-time adventure safari, we offer ground handling services including flights, transfers, hotel bookings, Conference solutions and excursions.

What makes a great travel experience? is it the one that involves nature, culture, and activity? Our experts listen to your interests, share their advice, and then handcraft a personalized itinerary based on what you want to achieve. They will work with you until you’re satisfied with every detail. We will then manage all your reservations and logistics so that you are taken care of from the moment you step off the plane until your return.

Whether you choose the Budget or the Luxury Holiday types, we provide an opportunity for you to enjoy bush and Beach Adventures in East Africa’s breathtaking scenery, blended with our rest of the world’s outbound destination holiday packages like South Africa, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand, Europe, Israel, Egypt and Greece, you can travel reassured, knowing that we have more than 13 years of experience and provide you with around-the-clock support to smooth out the unexpected.

Reserve your next vacation with us and enjoy world class adventure life time experiences, for adventure moments touches the core of your soul. Kindly check out our wide range of tours and Adventure travel packages.We challenge you to let us take the worry out of your travel plans.

Tobacco House, Kariuki Chotara Road, Naivasha, Kenya, Nakuru County

Open 24h
  • Hotel booking and conference reservations
  • Air ticketing and flight reservations
  • Airport and Hotel transfers
  • Sight seeing and educational excursions
  • Car rentals and Transport logistics
  • Family and corporate torus
  • Camping and Team building organizaton
  • Private and Group Tours
  • Budget and Luxury Safaris


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