Pinpaya Learn – New Product Alert!

As online platforms grow, there is a need for improvements and adjustments to meet users’ needs. That has given rise to new inventions and programs that are more engaging and educative.

The pandemic presented a whole new problem, forcing people to adapt to new ways and cultures. One of the most significant ones was working and studying online. Over this period, students were forced into attending their classes through video conferencing and sourcing materials from online sources.

However, not as many could access it. This goes for the students without proper internet connections or devices that would enable them to join lessons and catch up with their fellow scholars. Nonetheless, this challenge presented an opportunity for many developers, and as a result, more easy-to-study platforms were developed to come in and make life simpler for them.

The New Product in Town!

Pinpaya will soon introduce a learning platform that’ll be unique, effective, and convenient for many students. It’s expected to be the ideal online class atmosphere that will cover almost every experience you’d typically get in a classroom.

Do you want the teacher interaction? That’s available! Are you looking to enjoy flexible timetables? Say no more! Is a convenient payment method what you are looking for? It’s readily structured for you! Do you want to put your teaching skills into practice? This is the place for you! Are you interested in setting your own rates and enjoying low commission cuts? Sign up on Pinpaya Learn!

So What’s In For You?

There’s something for everyone, both those looking to learn and those looking to teach. Pinpaya Learn looks to recruit tutors and students who want to share their knowledge and learn, respectively. So what would each one of them gain from experience?


As a registered tutor on our platform, some of the benefits that you’d enjoy include

  • Opportunity to teach both online (anytime & anywhere) and offline
  • Setting your own rates and earning money through tutoring
  • Grow professionally through the acquired experience
  • Low commission cuts from the website


Some of the benefits that students will enjoy include

  • Flexibility to study online at any time and anywhere
  • Access to a smart calendar
  • Video conferencing for lessons
  • Convenient payment methods
  • A large selection of prices

How To Be Part of The Experience

The procedure of signing up as either a tutor or a student is straightforward. There are few steps, and you’ll barely spend two minutes to complete the registration period. The steps involved include

  1. Go to
  2. Stating your names (first and last name)
  3. Sharing your email address
  4. Choosing a password
  5. Completing your registration

It is pretty simple to be part of the new project. In case you need any help, there is a support team that you can reach out to through [email protected] to assist you with any help.