Nairobi to Kisumu by Road Vs. by Air

Heading to the lakeside is quite a long way from the city. If it’s that time of the year where families head to the countryside to celebrate Christmas together, means of transport might seem to be challenging. There are two ways in which you can find your way to Kisumu. That’s by road and by air. So which one is the best alternative?

By Air

Traveling by air is probably the most comfortable means of transport as you head to the lakeside. That, of course, is if you don’t get flying fever. But, you won’t be in the air for long, so there isn’t much to worry about. A flight from Nairobi to Kisumu will take you approximately 55 minutes.

Flying to Kisumu is fast and convenient. However, it might cost you almost double what you might pay on buses. Sometimes even triple the price if there is high demand. Flying to Kisumu will allow you to have a clear view of the Rift Valley and the beauty it possesses. The flights available include

Kenya Airways


Flight 540

Road Transport

On the other hand, many people would opt for road transport. This is mainly because it is affordable and it is more adventurous. The trip to Kisumu by road is exhaustive. You’ll take approximately 7 hours on your seats as you go from border to border until you get to the city.

You can either choose to drive or board a bus. Driving will take you relatively less time as you don’t have to make mandatory stops, unlike the bus. A bus will stop in almost all the major towns as passengers can access washrooms in the stopovers and grab something to eat or drink.

There are many companies involved in trips from Nairobi to Kisumu and back. However, the most popular ones are


The primary consideration when debating on whether to take the bus or flight from Nairobi to Kisumu should be majorly on the price and time. A bus is cost-effective although it’ll take you approximately 7 hours to get to the lake region. However, a flight will take you less than an hour, but you’ll have to pay more to enjoy the flight.

It also comes down to adventure, preference, and exploration. One would prefer a bus to enjoy the long conversations with fellow passengers and enjoy the Kenya cuisines at the stopovers.