How to Market Your Business Online in Kenya

Online Marketing is a crucial addition to any business’s marketing strategy. It being different from other forms of marketing, digital marketing serves a particular purpose of ensuring overall growth. Contrary to many people’s assumptions, online marketing is broad and requires effort and consistency to achieve excellent results. So what are some of the benefits you’d enjoy from online marketing?

Benefits of Online Marketing in Kenya

Some of the advantages of online marketing include

  • It’s effective in building business relationships
  • It makes it easier to focus on your target market
  • It’s less expensive to use
  • It generates more leads, thus greater profits
  • It’s not tied to any time zone or geography

7 Ways to Market Your Business Online

There are several ways to market your business online. Some of the most efficient ones include

1.Start a Blog

Starting a website or a blog is a crucial step to take. This will help you in creating awareness of the product or service that you provide. It further establishes a platform to sell, advertise, and interact with your prospects. Websites are excellent at building your PR as they layout your business portfolio to the public.

2. Add Your Business to

Internet directories have proven to be very reliable to many businesses. Creating awareness is a primary deed, but with the right resources, you can do that even better. Internet directories involves adding your business to a recognized site such as that’ll improve your chances of getting more clients.

These websites have more site visits, internet users trust them, and generate a lot of traffic. Being part of their listings make it possible for you to earn more prospects and potential long-term customers. is among the best platforms for internet directories where you can add your business and get awaiting clients for your products or services.

Being part of the business listing in Upkenya will allow your business to rank top in local searches for the services that you offer. This will allow users to opt for your business as it is recognized by Google. The top ranking will help your business grow as you’ll get more clients in the process.

3. Create an Email List

Email marketing has also gained a lot of recognition in the past few years. It’s essential to create an email list with all your generated leads where you can send out your promotional and update emails in bulk. Many people have resorted to using emails for many reasons, and with the correct language and presentation, you can win over a prospect.

4. Use Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly among the best ways to market your business. Different platforms attract different marketing groups, and you can use them accordingly. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have been the best selections for many businesses as they are compact and very active.

5. Referral Programs

It’s important to create a good rapport with all our customers. That goes from quality to delivery. This puts you in a better position when they review your business, and they will vouch for you in referral programs. Getting good reviews is a positive start to your growth as you will eventually get more referred leads from your existing customers.

6. Offer Giveaways

Discounts, sales, giveaways, and offers come in handy for businesses. This is critical at particular times of the year when launching a product. Giveaways attract clients because everyone wants something good that they can pay less for.

Structuring offers is vital to ensure you make more sales and improve your relationship with your customers. This can be showcased in recognized platforms such as Upkenya to beat the competition and get priority over fellow businesses.

7. Join an Online Community

Online communities are excellent for education. They teach the pricing strategies, how to meet market demands, manage the supplies, good profit margins, and provide the necessary tools. They are the best venues to learn more, get potential investors for the starters, and hire any skillset that you need for your business. You can also push your sales through these platforms.


Online Marketing is the go-to marketing approach for many businesses as it has proved to be effective and reliable. is an internet directory platform that offers businesses the opportunity to list themselves among the related category and gain customers in the process. The site’s Google command allows you to be exposed to multiple internet users who are potential clients for your business.

Go to and add your business – you’ll stand a better chance of growing your clientele base.