Fun Family Holidays in Kenya

For children, Kenya is a beautiful destination. Everyone is going to need vaccines and Africa might sound like an intimidating place for youngsters, but if you can pay a little more for the heart of the vacation and take safety over thrill, you could have an unforgettable vacation.

My ideal trip was to Kenya with children. For over three decades, I was already traveling Kenya, and I just could not wait to return. It is somewhere that looks to me like family. I felt so relaxed and secure everywhere, that is why I could not hesitate to take the kids on a safari-my fantasy came true, but yours, too. By far, it was the best holiday we took as a new couple and certainly one to add to the travel list for family vacations.

Amazing spots in Kenya

Masai Mara & Western Kenya

A safari in the Masai Mara is certainly one of the most amazing stories your children will ever have in life, especially during the incredible scenery of the massive immigration of wildebeests (July to October). If you are going to take your children to a nature sanctuary, make it a Masai Mara.

Southern Rift Valley

For shorter routes, decent highways, scenic range, youth-friendly parks, and large lakes give the Rift Valley the highest-rated portion of interior Kenya.

Lamu & Diani Beach

You can go anywhere along the coast of Kenya and discover your own little piece of heaven for your kin. Yet there is something in and about Lamu in the languid rhythm of life that seems well-tailored to a family vacation. Diani Beach has much to sell to younger tourists on the southern coast.

What Kenya brings for children

Families going with children have been an integral component of Kenyan travel for a long time, and most Kenyans will abandon your way to make their kids feel comfortable.

Beach points

Beach vacations are an entirely convincing way to keep the young children entertained, and it may be a smart idea to add in some beach time to go with the rides. Kenya’s coastline alone should be appropriate, however, depending on their age, some of the water-sports on offer, such as stargazing, could be ideal for youngsters. And it is a great thing to invest some enjoyable family time to prepare a nice lunch or go out to sea on a dhow (a classic old sailboat).

Safaris with Kids

The safari may have been custom-made for kids. Going to drive up to animals often within touching distance, seeing lion cubs gamboling through the fields or catching their breathe while a cheetah speeds up out across savannah-these are moments that will last a lifelong for your children.

How you gonna plan for a trip to Kenya

In Kenya, local perceptions concerning children differ as they do in the Western regions, but children are normally accepted anywhere that is not predominantly male, particularly by females with their own relatives.

Accommodation plans

With grace and poise, Safari lodges will accommodate any complexities, whether that is an added bed or sleeping bag, or banquet meals that would try which is something that the fussiest of foodies can have. Any of the cottages have play areas for children and nearly all have hot tubs. Your odds of getting what you need (such as cots) rise in non-lodge accommodations the more you can spend.

For purposes of sanitation, tourist destinations are possibly usually ignored. Most mega accommodation should be appropriate, but it is typically only top-end areas that cater to families directly. For little children, hiking can be fun, but you will have to be extra vigilant so your kids cannot go out into the forest unmonitored.

Kids under two years of age will not be fined at most resorts. Kids between the ages of two and 12 who share the room with their guardians are typically paid 50 percent of the adult frequency; for this amount, you can also get a cot tossed in. Often there are big family available seats, and some locations have layer-by-layer with connecting doors as well.

It should be remembered that some limited cottages, those serving a honeymoon or related category, place a mandatory age limit on minors. Others are more supportive and concentrate on youth-friendly events.


Kenyans are family-oriented and there is no issue eating out with kids. Occasionally, hotels and restaurants have tables and chairs, and although special child’s foods are not popular, selecting things that are appropriate for young eateries is simple though. Grocery stores stock new juice packs, and fresh fruit is readily available (honeydew melons, berries, and much more).


Consult the doctor well before going, since some vaccines or drugs (even those for disease control) are not appropriate for kids under 12 years of age.


Safari automobiles are normally child-friendly, but it is not always easy to ride between cities in Kenya on the transportation system with children. One issue is car sickness, and little kids appear to be used as wriggling baggage, meaning you will find them on your lap sometimes. Except in taxis, working seatbelts are scarce and injuries are rife. Whether you rent a car or go on a safari, an infant seat taken from a home is a smart idea. To avoid long road trips, you may even want to try traveling certain sections of the route.

What stuff to pack

While in most major supermarkets, stocks of the above are accessible, they can be pricey and may not be the products you are used to visiting your family and friends? Carry as many from the place as possible:

  • Wash our hands regularly with soap
  • Maintain distance of upto 2 meters apart from one another
  • Always wear a mask around others and in public spaces

This how you can go & enjoy your vacations with your family in Kenya. I hope this trip will be memorable for you.