Diani Beach, a paradise on earth

Few places remind me of Paradise the way that Diani Beach does. Kilometers after kilometers of pristine, white sandy beaches. The warm and inviting turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean are so indulgent and relaxing that it truly feels like a healing experience.

Situated along the Southern strip of the Kenyan coast line, Diani Beach is accessible via road and a short ferry crossing or the best and quickest alternative is to fly there directly.

A fascinating factor about the Kenyan coast is the beautiful African coral reef, which protects beach goers, swimmers, divers and enthusiastic surfers from the ever present danger of shark bites and other large water-bound predators. The warm, Indian Ocean is also another huge and comforting attraction.

The local communities found along the Kenyan coast are kind, peace loving people with a deep appreciation for visitors and tourists, local and international alike. No wonder their warm and receptive nature makes their hospitality something to tell.

Unlike many other beaches around the world, Diani beach is closely guarded and monitored by the relevant authorities in government as well as the Kenya Wildlife Service. This ensures that the beaches are free from toxic human waste and that the marine life is not over-exploited and depleted. Such actions also contribute to the good of the economy as it preserves not just the seascape and marine life, but it preserves the human populations as well. 

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