Cheap Lodgings in Nairobi CBD

We cannot deny the fact that the Capital can get too busy at times. You have tenders to follow up on, deadlines to beat, traffic to deal with, and lots of work to attend to. Isn’t it why it’s regarded as the central business district?

Well, let’s dig a little bit deeper. There are about 2 million people in Nairobi, according to the last census. However, statistics show that quite a significant percentage of these individuals are residents in the city. The neighboring counties, namely Machakos and Kiambu, have a majority of their residents working in Nairobi.

This forces them to drive into the city day in day out as they seek to get to their job stations to earn a living. However, things can get complicated as long queues at bus stops and traffic jams in the city can be disappointing at times.

This forces such individuals to look for anterior means to deal with such issues. With the curfew to beat, it is only wise to look for a place to lay down as you wait for sunset to report back to work. It has been a resolution for many laborers in the city as they find themselves in challenging situations. The only solution lies in seeking the nearest lodging to catch some sleep.

Eventually, it all goes well as they can grab a coffee the following day, lucky if they carry an extra set of clothes, and head off to work as usual. However, it’s sometimes challenging to differentiate between lodgings in Nairobi and the hotels in the capital. So let’s address that first.

The primary difference lies in the services provided in these two places. Lodgings, as the word suggests, is purely a place with rooms. You rent a room, and you’re charged until the time you’d leave. Usually, a night is the usual rate.

On the other hand, hotels often offer more than the typical bed and bathroom. There are meals and recreational facilities, and some have a business conference or board rooms for those on business trips. Hotels require a more extended stay usually, and they are also a bit costly.

Safari Homestay Cheap Lodgings

Cheap Lodgings in Nairobi CBD

With the many options to select from, which are the cheapest lodgings in the capital?

    • Safari Homestay, 25 Taraja Court, Community Road, Nairobi Metro

    • Galvin Safaris, JW9G+7P3, Nairobi

    • Sunshine Hotel, Nairobi City

    • Inks Hotel, Latema Junction, River Road, Nairobi

    • Od Maro, plot 267 junctions off kasuku acacia estate, ongata Rongai

    • Jamhuri Home, Neema Court, Kibera Station Rd, Nairobi

    • Caphill Hotel, Between Post Bank And Equity, Old Mlolongo Road, Mlolongo

    • Kenya Inn Guest House, MVMW+XMQ, Nairobi

    • The Urban View, Nairobi CBD