Cake Shops in Nairobi

There is not any better dessert than cakes. We can debate whether ice cream stands a chance, but with the cold weather, there is no better alternative. Speaking of wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, party cakes, and even all-occasion cakes, you can get it all in the city.

Nairobi boasts around 50+ best cake houses and companies that offer a wide variety of flavors and designs. Previously, cakes were not as popular as they are nowadays. Due to new types, distinctiveness, better tastes, different decorations and designs, and the overall setting, significant improvements are notable. Furthermore, the response from the customers concerning these varieties is remarkable.

There are many cake shops in Nairobi. Some deal individually with cakes while others such as restaurants in Nairobi, also offer additional products as complimentary. So which are the best cake shops in Nairobi?

Best Cake Shops In Nairobi

Some of the best cake shops in the city include

Valentine’s Cake House

These stores make the best cakes in the city, with certified pastry chefs and quality staff joining hands to develop masterclasses. Moreover, these sites also have online sites that enable you to make online orders and enjoy fast delivery services.

What Do Cakes Shops Offer in Nairobi

There are a handful of products that you can take out from a cake store. These shops offer a variety of cakes and flavors such as

  • Black forest cakes
  • Sponge cakes
  • Butter cake
  • Biscuit cake
  • Beverage cake
  • Chiffon cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Carrot cake
  • Red Velvet
  • Chocolate cake
  • Fruit cake
  • Alcohol-infused cakes

Do Coffee Shops Near Me Offer Cake?

It is typical to find cakes in coffee shops, mainly because they are served as a side snack. However, you won’t find the varieties of flavors you’d expect in a regular cake shop. The main reason is that these shops are specialized in making coffee and not cakes, so they only do as much as they can in baking.


How would you celebrate your birthday, graduation, or wedding without a cake? Well, to some people, it’s a daily snack to keep them going in the office during breaks, so having a reliable cake shop that consistently delivers quality cakes is essential.Not only do you get to enjoy the varieties of flavors, but it is a delight to get quality baked pieces on your plate. There are many cake shops in Nairobi, and some are startups while others are well-established. The location and price are the second things to consider after deciding on the flavor you want to be delivered.