Ancient historical feature in Kenya

Kenya is a country packed with many tourist attractions. There are wildlife, the coast, and animal reserves that are commonly the likely choice for many.  However, Kenya holds unique cultures and history that are equally precious than the other options. There are a couple of historical features that you ought to visit. So what should you go for?

Kenya’s History

Kenya has left multiple marks of history throughout the struggle for independence and getting itself up to stand alone. There are streets in different places in the city center in remembrance of our previous leaders. Stadiums and avenues are also named after these prominent individuals. Nonetheless, some significant areas remind us of where we came from, our heritage, cultures, important events, our journey, and the country’s beauty. These places are preserved to stand as points of reference for the generations to come, of the events that happened decades ago. Other than that, maintaining these places ensures that we remember where we come from as a country and helps us get back to our roots. Whether they come in the form of museums or ruins, these places pass knowledge to our young ones of our country’s history.

Ancient Historical Features

There are multiple historical sites in the country that remind us of the ancient events that took place way back. Most of these places are on the coast, so you should visit two or three when you head south. Some of the features commonly known include places like

  1. Gedi Ruins, Malindi
  2. Fort Jesus, Mombasa Island
  3. Hell’s Gate National Park, Naivasha
  4. Paradise Lost, Kiambu
  5. Vasco Da Gama Pillar, Malindi
  6. Koobi Fora, Turkana
  7. Meru Museum, Meru
  8. Nairobi Railway Museum, Nairobi
  9. African Heritage House, Athi River
  10. Tom Mboya Mausoleum, Rusinga Island
  11. Karen Blixen Coffee Garden and Cottages, Karen
  12. Lamu Old Town, Lamu Island
  13. Old Town, Mombasa
  14. Mnarani Ruins, Kilifi
  15. Jumba la Mtwana, Mtwapa
  16. Shimoni Slave Caves, Shimoni
  17. Thimlich Ohinga, Migori
  18. Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site, Nakuru
  19. Olorgesailie Pre-Historic Site, Magadi, Eastern Rift Valley
  20. Eliye Springs, Turkana
  21. Leven House, Mombasa
  22. Mala Mala Campsite, Ongata Rongai
  23. Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests
  24. Marti Rock Art, Loiyangalani
  25. Mangrove Boardwalk Mida Creek, Malindi
  26. Takwa Ruins, Lamu
  27. Siyu Fort, Lamu
  28. Nairobi War Cemetery, Ngong road
  29. Lamu Museum, Lamu
  30. Selengai Stone and Selengai Wells, Kajiado
  31. Diani Ruins, Kwale
  32. Mau-Mau Cave, Nyeri
  33. The Baden Powell Grave, Nyeri
  34. Dedan Kimathi Trench, Nyeri
  35. Manda Town Ruins, Lamu

The list goes on and on since there are several historical sites in the country. It is important to note that these places might remind you of a freedom fighter or someone significant in the country’s history. The sites, such as the ruins, might also remind you of the effects of events in the past. One important consideration is that when you decide on which particular site to visit, you also can learn the culture of the people around you.


It is essential to know about the country’s ancient history to correctly understand the things that are happening since most of them are affected by where we are coming from. These places give you more knowledge of the country and keeps you up to speed with the history. Not only does it give you the time to tour around the country, but the exploration of ancient features offers you the opportunity to learn more.

Have you been to any Kenyan ancient history site? Where exactly did you do to? How was your experience?