Africa’s Big Five – Kenya’s Wildlife

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Kenya is the abundance of wildlife that the country holds. Well, there are the summer beaches that provide an unforgettable holiday at the coast, but then there are the safaris that allow you to encounter wildlife in close range.

Many animals find Kenya to be a conducive habitat. They survive through the savannah; others are the excellent climatic conditions in the Rift Valley, while others have some space in national reserves. However, the most recognized of them all is Africa’s big five, and Kenya hosts all of them!

Although known as the mighty animals, the big five are the top tourist attraction. They possess the strength, the survival tactics, the endurance through unfair conditions, and beauty. So which animals make up this complete list?

The Lion

Also known as the King of the Jungle, this is the biggest cat in Africa. The lion is strong, massive, and powerful enough to top the list of land predators. They are the only cats that live in families and hunt together. The male lions are responsible for guarding their territories, while the lionesses are given the role to hunt and raise the young cubs.

Lions are the only daring cats to hunt prey as big as buffalo, although that requires some teamwork because some attempts end in significant injuries or even death. These wild cats are rarely seen during the day unless you are deep into their hideouts.

lion kenya
The lion

The Leopard

The leopard is another cat that has a different lifestyle. Leopards are loners, and they tend to live in at most three of them, that being a mother and her cubs. They have almost a similar pattern as cheetahs, but they differ in size, as they are generally bigger, although less faster. Leopards spend most of their time on trees. They are also efficient hunters as they make good use of their camouflaging techniques.

leopard kenya
The Leopard

The Rhino

Rhinos are a powerhouse. They have remarkable bodies with thick outer skin and horns that make them extremely dangerous. However, they are on the brink of becoming extinct as most of them have died at the hands of vouchers because of their precious horns. They are fast, protective, and they also live alone with their kids. There are only a few remaining, and the government is working to help the population get back to its prime number.

rhino kenya
The rhino

The Elephant

The largest animal on land is definitely among the big five. Elephants are also communal as they live in large groups which stick with each other. They are usually led by an elderly female who often guides the troop to the different water sports and finds food. Elephants are calm animals, although they can get violent when their protective instincts kick in. Elephants are the most common animal you are likely to come across, especially driving to Mombasa.

The Elephant
The Elephant

The Buffalo

The buffalo is another mighty warrior. They are big; they have a terrible temper, live in groups, and most of all, they are challenging to hunt. They have massive horns, which are their first line of defense. They are very aggressive, and they defend each other if caught up among predators.

The Big Five is the leading attraction for most tourists. They showcase different lifestyles in the wild, and they also present various challenges depending on the season.

the buffalo kenya
the buffalo