Vouchers For Everyone! A new feature is coming soon!

It’s every customer’s wish to get a better offer in everything they intend to purchase, and that why we introduced vouchers and promotional codes – for you. A proper voucher definition would be a printed piece of paper or voucher s code in the phone that entitles the holder to a discount on particular purchases. So what can you get from Upkenya?

How it Works

The process of buying a voucher on our website

There are a few steps to follow for you to be guaranteed discount vouchers. These vouchers accepted will be a pass to enjoy good deals on your purchases at different stores that have already partnered with us. The following are steps to follow to enjoy voucher coupons from our website.

  1. Find the right voucher.

Finding a suitable voucher code depends on what you prefer to get discounts on. Some people would pick vouchers for hotels, others for meals, and so on. At this step, you have the freedom to choose the right coupon for you and select the best deal that seems fit for your needs.

  1. Buy vouchers on our website.

At this step, you get to purchase the vouchers gift that you previously selected from our website. There are different flexible payment methods, so that should not be a worry at all.

  1. Receive the vouchers

Once the payment is verified, you will receive the vouchers code by email which you can print out or use it directly on the phone. With that, you can stop by at any of your favourite places and activate the vouchers given to enjoy the best discounts.

What’s in for Business

Businesses stand a chance to get to multiple potential customers from the people who constantly follow our website’s proceedings. The catch is that Upkenya doesn’t charge you for doing any voucher posts on our website. We offer that push to help your business grow by linking you to multiple customers. So how do you add a voucher to our site?

  1. Indicate the voucher’s name
  2. Write down your voucher’s description
  3. Clarify the voucher’s discount percentage
  4. Pin the offer pictures
  5. Add the offer

it is essential to note that all our vouchers in Kenya are on a fixed price of 299 Kenyan shillings

Some of the benefits for businesses include:
a) Provision of free traffic of people who are interested in your business
b) You enjoy free promotion of your business
c) Adding the vouchers is absolutely free
d) You get increased sales on your end
e) You get an increased number of customers

How to scan vouchers code? (for businesses)
Please login to the website > menu > my vouchers > Scan voucher’s code and click “Check code”

The Benefits for Customers

Customers get the opportunity to do a constant vouchers check on all the latest deals available on the website for them to enjoy amazing deals. It works well for you since you get to visit the places you’ve probably been avoiding because of the prices and enjoy a date or self-treat session.


Discount vouchers come through for many customers since they cannot afford to try out some products because of some businesses prices. On the other hand, businesses also can reach out to a group of potential customers, who would definitely pass their products because they cannot afford them. At the end of it all, it is a win-win for all parties.

If you are interested to be the first, please register on the site add your business and wait for updates! They will be here very soon!

If you just want to get discount vouchers, then just register on the site, subscribe on our Instagram or Facebook. You’ll be notified!