10 Things Tourists Should Not Do in Kenya

While Kenya is known for its safari experiences and hospitality, there are some things that you should not do as a tourist when in Kenya.  

Don’t use foreign currency

Firstly, if you want to exchange money, then make sure you exchange in a renowned exchange bureau. 

Secondly, use Kenyan shillings to purchase things from local vendors as showing foreign currency can put you under the threat of theft.

Don’t wear too revealing clothes

Kenya is the most liberal and advanced country in East Africa, and thus, you can wear whatever you like. However, wearing too revealing clothes can be a problem as you’ll become the center of attention.

The decent dressing can make you and everyone around you comfortable.

Don’t give cold shoulder to hospitality

The hospitality of Kenyans is renowned worldwide, and thus, tourists are served food and drink by Kenyans to places where they go.

Refusing the food and drink offered by them is considered rude. Additionally, you should not also refuse dinner invitations to restaurants and home unless it’s necessary.

Don’t ask the tribes of people

While every Kenyan is proud of his/her respected tribe and culture, asking him/her about the tribe he/she belongs to is disrespectful because Kenyans may think you are stereotypic. 

You are always welcome to ask different tribes of the country Kenya but never directly ask a person about his particular tribe.

Don’t use mobile while driving

One shouldn’t use mobile while driving, and when you are in Kenya, you should be extra cautious.

So many drivers of Kenya violate traffic rules, and if your concentration is also directed towards mobile while driving, you may meet an accident. Additionally, using mobile while driving in Kenya can get you arrested.  

Ask before taking pictures of people

While in Kenya, you’ll see Maasai Morans adorned in their red Shukla. Even though they’ll catch your attention and you would want to take pictures of them, ask them before taking snaps so that they don’t get offended.

Don’t greet with “Jambo”

When you are in Kenya, don’t use the word “Jambo” to greet people. Jambo is not the word used in Kenya to greet.

Use the words “Habari” or “Habari Yako,” meaning “How are you” and “Sasa,” meaning “Hi” or “Hello.”

Keep your valuables in a secure place

Displaying your valuables such as jewelry in public can put you under the threat of theft, and thus, you should put your valuables in some secure place instead of carrying them around.

Avoid public gatherings during election days

During the election days in Kenya, protests and crimes increase and people usually get arrested. 

Try avoiding public gatherings during election days so that you don’t get caught by the police.

Before taking a taxi, ask price

Like many countries, many taxis in Kenya run without meters. It is recommended that you first ask the taxi guy about the price of taking you to your destination.

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