10 Best Shopping Malls in Nairobi, Kenya

1. Two Rivers Mall

Two Rivers Mall – Kenya’s largest mall. Suitable for both shoppers and Entertainment seekers. It’s located in hidden Nairobi’s Ruaka neighborhood. The mall consists of over 200 stores & eating places. It is super popular mainly in the weekends. Don’t go there for shopping only, because it has the best entertainment options, of which the main attraction is the impressive amusement park.

2. Thika Road Mall

Thika Road Mall – its 20 minutes car drive away of Nairobi’s CBD, along the Nairobi-Thika superhighway. It’s smaller than Two Rivers, however, it includes 100 stores within its reasonable 10,000 square feet (930 square meters) shopping area. All-for-one-shopping. The place also hosts a weekly Maasai Market, which is the best souvenir shopping place in the area.

3. The Junction

The Junction has been a popular mall among Nairobians for years. Shopping area is huge – 256,000 square feet (24,000 square meters). It offers more than 120 stores with numerous international brands that everyone knows. However, the main fame derives from its vibrant nature, mainly the entertainment options: cinemas, casinos, children’s play center etc.

4. Westgate Mall

Westgate Mall – tourits know it mainly because of the terrorist attack in 2013 known as the „Westgate Attack“. Despite the fact, the mall has been rebuilt and made more safe than it was before. It is one of the top Nairobi’s shopping malls.

5. The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen – it is part of the lavish neighborhood known as the „Karen“ (richest of the rich live in there). Hub Karen is a massive complex  that has hundreds of shopping and entertainment spots, AND it has its own medical & fitness center. It’s basically a city within a city (380,000 sq feet or 35,000 sq meters). By the time you’ll visit it, it will be even bigger – including more hotels and conference facilities.

6. The Village Market

The Village Marketone of Nairobi’s oldest shopping malls, it was discovered in early ‘90s and the mall was opened in 1995 with just 10 stores. It has grown up to 150 stores with a modern design. It has everything that you would like in Kenya – from local brands to the best brands in the world. It also hase the ONLY bowling place in the city called „Village Bowl“, a massive trampoline park and a VR gaming center.

7. Galleria Shopping Mall

Galleria Shopping Mall – Nairobi welcomes visitors to visit  their best attractions: Giraffe Center & Bomas of Kenya. On your way to visit these attractions taking the  road Lang’ata,  the outstanding, gorgeous Galleria Mall will be on the left.The mall welcomes you some well-known eating places like – Pizza Hut, KFC or the Subway,   Planet Yogurt  you can order a really delicious dessert.

8. Sarit Centre

Sarit Centre is one of the oldest shopping malls in Nairobi. It is just a few minutes from CBD, making it one of the busiest malls in the city. Sarit hosts several magnificent expos every year that bring together people across the world. Another great place for your shoppings.

9. Garden City Mall

Garden City is a shopping mall well known by people from the Western countries. It is evolving to become an integrated community with both residential and commercial properties within the same space – so one could potentially stay inside the Garden City while having everything close by. It has over 100 stores – everything one could ever want is is available under one roof. Every Thursday you can buy souvenirs from the Maasai Market or enjoy some live Jazz entertainment on Fridays.

10. Yaya Centre

Yaya Centre also known as the “Grandfather” of the shopping outlets in Nairobi might be one of the oldest in the city. However, it has been growing massively and therefore will always remain relevant in an ever-changing shopping scene. It has everything from fashion to electronics to home decor. The mall also includes magnificent dining places.